Using Friction Stir Welding Technology with American Hydroformers

Friction stir welding is an innovative and unique method of joining metals by using frictional heat combined with a controlled forging pressure, producing full penetrated welded joints with high integrity that are defect free. Friction stir welding is most efficient on cylindrical components, flat plates as well as on parts of uneven thickness.

Organizations seeking an innovative way of creating high strength welded joints that are superior without visible effects are now more than ever attracted to the friction stir welding technology.

This interest is particularly because friction stir welding technology uses very low temperatures, hence eliminating distortion. The welding process has a minimum heat affected zone in addition to producing perfect surface finishing.

Process Overview

In using the friction stir technology, the process is straightforward and easy with the right machine. You plunge a rotating friction stir welding tool between two plates to produce resistance. The frictional heat between them causes a ductile zone to form around the tool. A consolidated solid-phase joint form when the rotating tool moves along the joint line.


Friction stir welding is a solid-state process, thus eliminating many of the defects like shrinkage, cracking, solidification and porosity associated with other welding technologies such as fusion welding techniques.

friction stir welding

Most organizations are looking to produce stronger, superior and lighter products. Companies that are aiming to use less environmentally harmful materials, less energy, and at a lower cost than ever, should adopt the friction stir welding technology to enhance growth and success in their businesses.

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