Cut Down Footage and Add Music/a Voiceover/Titles with Video Editing

Video Editing

When you shoot a video, you end up with a lot of footage. Even if
it’s just a video you made of a family vacation, there’s probably going to be
more footage than you know what to do with. Every time you see something
interesting, you pull out your camera and start shooting. But later on, when
you want to relive what happened during that family vacation, you might find it
inconvenient to have to go through hours and hours of footage.

Cutting Down on
Footage with Video Editing

What you need is a short video of maybe half an hour or forty-five
minutes which gives you the highlights of that vacation. And it would also be
nice if you had some background music in some of the shots and it was given the
form of a story, just like a video you might see on TV. Fortunately, all this
can be done with the help of video editing.

When you give your footage to the experts for video editing, they can cut it down for you. They’ll include all the best parts and leave out the repetitive parts. Plus, you can also sit down with them and tell them what you think all the best parts are. So you’ll get all the highlights of your trip/party/family event at one go.

Video Editing

Background Music and Titles

If you want, you can also record a voiceover and they can include
it in your video. That way, you’ll know what you’re looking at, even five years
later, when your memory of the event might have faded.

And if you want them to add some background music, they can do
that for you. You can tell them what type of background music seems suitable
for which shot. But don’t use very loud background music or you’ll miss out on
what’s actually going on in the video.

Plus, it’s always nice to have some titles at the beginning of
your video, telling you what exactly you’re about to see, such as “Paris, 2019”
or “Family Reunion, 2019.”

All this can be added to your video in the process of editing. Contact us for more information.

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