DIY Musicians: Sell More This Holiday Season With CD Duplication


For DIY musicians, the holiday season is a great time of year to plan for better CD sales. Armed with an arsenal of your music, you can make more money from your music, while spreading the holiday cheer to fans, old and new. Here are a few marketing strategies that will clear out your CD stock in a powerful way.


  • Start a limited holiday sale. Fans love buying music on sale, especially if they are on a tight budget, but want to support you. Consider selling a 2-for-one deal, or adding a need EP or free download of unreleased MP3s for every CD: your fans will love the ability of getting access of new materials, while being able to give the gift of your music to others.
  • Give out special editions of an older album. Maybe you have B-sides from a former album, or maybe print special edition CDs in a different color and style. The holiday season is a great time to convince fans to collect interesting recordings and editions.
  • Give out a holiday single. Holiday singles can really ramp up your music sales.It could be a cover of a favorite Christmas song, a new original work with holiday cheer (or gloom), or just something special that hasn’t been previously released. Mini-CDs of your hit are a great gift to give fans, while exposing yourself to new listeners.


Overall, you’ll need fast turnaround from your cd duplication service in order to meet your fans’ demands. Order from us, and you’ll be sure to have the best quality discs within 2-3 days after ordering from our simple website. With full-color, on-disc printing of your own designs, sleeves and artwork on your cases, and the best audio quality, you and your fans will be sure to love your music this season.

For more marketing strategies for your music, contact us. We’ll help you reach your audiences.

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