Transfer Your Home Videos to DVD as a Preemptive Measure

Home Videos

There are many reasons why you might want to transfer your home videos to DVD. Maybe you want to preserve those home videos for future generations. Or maybe you want to forward them to friends and family members from your phone or your computer. Maybe you’re just taking a preemptive measure and getting those home videos digitized before they become unreadable on your VCR.

The Difficulty of Finding a Functioning VCR

The fact is that it’s difficult to even find a functioning VCR nowadays which means that you may not be able to watch your home videos even if they are in good condition. Rather than hunting around and paying a lot for a functioning VCR, it makes sense to convert your home videos to a digital format that will stay with you forever.

The Malleability of the Digital Format

Home Videos

Once you have those videos on DVD, you can even transfer them to a memory stick or your computer. You can store them in the cloud in case your computer or phone gets damaged. And you can recover them from a different computer or phone. So the digital format is a lot more malleable than the VHS, Camcorder, 8mm, or other formats which have now become obsolete.

Copy, Paste, Email, Post, and Watch Your Home Videos

Once your video is digitized, it becomes like any other file on your computer. Sure, the size of the file might be bigger than the size of a text file or a photograph. However, you can do all the things with this file that you can with other files. You can copy and paste it, email it, post it to social media, etc. You can also watch it on your computer, tablet, or phone which means that you can watch it from anywhere that you can take these devices. You don’t have to be at home in front of your TV and VCR to watch it.

So the benefits of digitization are many, and the disadvantages are none. It makes sense to get your home videos transferred to DVD today. Contact us to learn more about this process.

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