Relive Old Home Movies by Transferring Them to DVD or Digital

Home Movies

When was the last time you gathered with loved ones to watch your old home movies? If you, like so many others, have years or even decades of memories on VHS or camcorder tapes in a box in the attic or on a shelf in the closet but you haven’t watched them in ages, it may be for the simple reason that you don’t have the equipment needed to enjoy them.

The Digital Revolution Left Your Tapes Behind

Years ago when you shot those videos, it was easy to hook your 8 mm camcorder up to your TV to watch your daughter’s first soccer game or your son’s piano recital. Back then, reliving your first dance as a married couple was as simple as popping your VHS wedding tape into your VCR.

As everything began to go digital, however, tapes fell by the wayside. You may have held onto your camcorder or VCR for a while until it stopped working, and by that time stores no longer sold new ones. Or you may have just thrown your old equipment away because DVDs and DVRs had taken over the video landscape.

But what about all those tapes?

We Bring Your Home Movies Back to Life

Home Movies

Your precious memories with family and friends are waiting to be enjoyed again. They just need to be converted to a format you can watch on modern devices.

At Advanced Media Integration, we provide premium videotape transfer services that will archive and preserve your memories and special events. We can transfer your old VHS, Digital8, Hi8, or MiniDV tapes to a DVD or a digital file that can be watched on the latest DVD players, Blu-ray players, and computers. We can even create web-friendly files that you can share with friends or family no matter where they live.

Contact Advanced Media Integration Today

We want to help ensure that your treasured family memories live on for years to come. If you have film reels you want to preserve or old vacation slides you’d like to share online with cherished friends who no longer live nearby, we can help with that, too.

If you need an accomplished and reputable service for transferring VHS tapes or other analog media to DVD or digital, Advanced Media Integration has got you covered. Read more about our transfer services, then contact us to get started.

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