Protect Photos and Slides from Environmental Conditions with Digitization

Photos and Slides

Old photos and slides are irreplaceable. The photographs on them may not be “artistic” or even high quality, but the memories they preserve can’t be found anywhere else. Photos that you see in museums or art galleries may be better composed, with a greater degree of balance and sharpness. But they’re not going to be as dear to you as the photos and slides lying in your attic.

Why Don’t People Preserve Photos and Slides?

Given that people are so attached to their old photos and slides, why do they allow them to deteriorate over time? The answer is that most people just don’t realize that their photos are deteriorating until they come upon them several years later and realize that the picture quality has been destroyed.

Do Negatives Get Destroyed Along With Photos?

Some people mistakenly believe that even though the photos themselves might get destroyed, the negatives will be preserved. So they can get a new set of photos whenever they want. This is simply not true. Yes, a negative can last a long time if stored in ideal conditions, but the conditions in an average home are likely not ideal, given environmental conditions such as sunlight, heat, humidity, dust, mold, etc.

Are Your Photos Stored in Optimum Conditions?

Photos and Slides

Chances are your old photos, negatives, and slides will get destroyed just sitting in the attic. You may not purposely be subjecting them to negative environmental conditions, but unless you make an effort to keep them in optimum conditions, this is likely to happen.

Will Digitization Increase the Lifespan of Your Photos and Slides?

Digitization can help you to make sure that you preserve those old photos no matter what the environmental conditions in your home. A DVD or a memory stick full of photos is likely to last a lot longer than a photograph printed on paper, a negative, or a slide.

Are Digital Photos Affected by the Environment?

The good news is that environmental conditions don’t really have an effect on digital photos. You can put them on your computer, send them to people, keep a copy in the cloud, etc. Once your photos are digitized, you have them forever. You’re not going to lose them to a broken window in a storm, a leak in your roof, or rodents.

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