Enable Digital Compatibility by Transferring VHS Tapes to DVDs

VHS Tapes

VHS Tapes to digital or DVD. Many of us remember the good old days when we were so excited to have bought a VCR! You just popped the VHS tape in, rewound it to the beginning, and then hit “play.” If you didn’t want to watch a certain section, you could fast-forward. If you wanted to record something off the TV, you hit “record.” The great thing about a VCR was that you could use it at any time you wanted and you didn’t have to watch commercials the way you did on TV!

The Advantages of DVDs Over VHS Tapes

You may have been excited with your first VCR but now, VHS tape technology has become obsolete. People use DVDs as opposed to VHS tapes. Not only can DVDs store more data, but they also last a lot longer, and the video quality is a lot better.

The Importance of Digital Compatibility

Digital videos are now the way to go. You can save them on a DVD, on your computer’s hard drive, on a memory stick, on your phone or on your tablet, to name just a few. Nearly all the equipment that’s available on the market is compatible with the digital format.

VHS Tapes

Difficulty in Using VHS Tapes

It has become harder and harder to find functioning VCRs that you can use to play VHS tapes. And it doesn’t make much sense to spend the kind of money required to purchase these because the tapes themselves are deteriorating.

Long Term Video Preservation

It makes a lot of sense to get a professional to transfer the videos on your VHS tapes to DVDs. This will help you preserve the videos for the long haul. It will also convert them into a viable format that will not deteriorate over time. And it will enable you to share them with your family members.

Preserve and Share Your Memories

Times may change, and there may be a lot of advancements in technology. However, memories don’t change and neither does the pleasure they evoke. Contact us to preserve your memories by transferring the videos on your VHS tapes to DVD.

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