Are Your Food Warmers Warmed Up for National Culinary Arts Month?


Marinating Food

Celebrated yearly in July, National Culinary Arts Month is a month set aside to honor and promote awareness of chefs, professional cooks, and their contributions to the world of fine dining. Whether you are a cook, a consumer, or a restaurant manager, you’ll no doubt find your own unique way of celebrating. Below you will find several examples of how National Culinary Arts can be enjoyed.

Shows and Demonstrations

During National Culinary Arts Month, many places host shows and demonstrations. One such place is South Florida’s Broward County Library system, which not only plans to host several cooking demonstrations at their branches, but also will offer online cooking classes during July.

Kudos to them!

Special Menu Items

During this special month, many bars, restaurants, and eateries will offer special menu items. Standard Diner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, celebrates National Culinary Arts Month by educating their customers on the finer points of the culinary arts and offering fresh, delicious menu items. This allows their kitchen staff to demonstrate their creativity while simultaneously highlighting the importance of how to use high-quality ingredients to their best advantage.

Although July is almost over, it’s not too late to celebrate the culinary arts. At the very least, you can start planning for next year.

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