Debunking 3 Metal Stamping Myths

In the manufacturing industry, there are multiple processes that
can compete with one another and still create the same products or products that
are similar. The metal stamping process is one of the processes that can
compete. This process does have a variety of differences that can separate it
from the other competing processes.

With so many processes available to use, we understand how difficult and challenging it can be to choose a process. There are also various myths, misconceptions, and advice being given that it can be difficult to choose the process that will fulfill your needs. We want to address some of the myths and misconceptions you may have heard about deep draw metal stamping.

Myth 1: The Process Is Not Cheap

Deep draw metal stamping is actually one of the more affordable
methods that are available to you. Since the process is continuous, the process
will not take a significant amount of time to complete. When the deep draw
metal stamping process is used, the cost for each part that needs to be used
will be reduced as you realize you need to increase the number of parts.

Metal Stamping

Myth 2: I Can Only Use The Process For Simple Parts

The deep draw metal stamping process can be used to create both
simple and complex parts. We understand that there will be a need to produce
simple parts and complex parts, and this is one of the reasons why the deep
draw metal stamping process is commonly used. This process can form parts of
various shapes and sizes.

Myth 3: My Parts Will Not Be Strong

Many people may avoid using the deep draw metal stamping process
because of the belief that the process will damage the materials. While there
is a significant amount of force that will be put on the material, this does
not result in any damage to the material. The force actually increases the
strength of the material. There will not be a significant amount of stretching
in this process. The end result will generally be a much stronger product.

When you are looking for facts about any type of process, we encourage you to perform your own research and ask the right questions. For more information on deep draw metal stamping, please do not hesitate to contact us,

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