Hydroformed Components Keeping American Commutes Healthy and Affordable

Hydroformed Components Keeping American Commutes Healthy and Affordable. Recently there has been a sudden uptick in the number of people who bike to work instead of driving cars or taking public transportation.

Many U.S. cities are seeing an increase in bicycle commuters, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report…Nationwide; the number of people who traveled to work by bike increased roughly 60 percent over the last decade, from about 488,000 in 2000 to about 786,000 during the 2008-2012 period (US Census Bureau).

The benefits, both individual and societal, are obvious: more exercise, less consumption of fossil fuels, less crowded roadways, healthier citizens.

While the hydroforming industry cannot take total credit for this shift, we can take pride in helping to decrease the weight of bike frames in general. The lighter the bike frame, the more likely a person will be to consider shouldering it to carry up or down a stairway while commuting. Even better, some bikes are now designed to be collapsible for easier commutes, leading to companies competing to provide the best light, accessible bikes.


Hydroforming plays a part in these innovations, giving bicycle manufacturing companies the ability to develop an edge over the others through their specific applications of hydroformed components. In the end, however, it’s not the companies who win. It’s the consumers. They have a wide array of options at more affordable prices designed to keep them fit and active on their way to work.

Here at American Hydroformers, we are happy to watch these developments unfold. Anything that leads to a healthier, faster, and more efficient American population has our full stamp of approval. We’re happy to have a part in it.

If you would like to chat with us further about this, or if you have questions about our services or the hydroforming process, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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