Hydroformed Components In The Automotive Industry

Do you own or operate a business that concentrates on creating customized and personalized motor vehicles? If you are, you will probably want to think about learning as much as you can about hydroformed components. Hydroformed components are typically made in more than one way, including tube hydroforming. Tube hydroforming is a preference for many who are responsible for completing body work and automotive designs. 

Reduction In Costs

One of the biggest benefits of using components that are hydroformed will be the amount of money you can save. These components will generally require fewer funds to produce, but the components will still have a very long lifespan. The reduction in mass will make the components significantly cheaper to move and store.

Hydroformed Components Can Be Customized

Not only is using components that are created with hydroforming a great financial move, it is also an option that is very customizable. It is very easy to convert a material into the desired shape that you need. You can also use these components to produce multiple parts that may be discontinued or difficult to find.


Tube-hydroformed components are resistant to a variety of things, including corrosion. As a result of its durability and strength, these components are great for use in the areas of a vehicle that is more likely to be damaged if it is ever hit. These components also work well for exhaust components because hydroformed components work well in areas that are known to be exposed to extended friction.

Would you like to find additional information about these type of components? Would you like more information about the benefits of using hydroformed components in the automotive industry? Please do not hesitate to contact American Hydroformers today for more information. We are ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have about automotive components or tube hydroforming.

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