Finite Element Analysis strengthens hydroformed parts and customer relationships

When your product represents a structural component of your customer’s purchase it sure better be structurally sound. Who can afford a costly recall or, even worse, be responsible for a personal accident? To help ensure against part failure American Hydroformers employs exacting Finite Element Analysis (FEA) procedures.

Computerized simulations and digital calculations carefully analyze the material conditions of the proposed design to make sure the production process will yield a strong component that meets strict overall part integrity metrics. This way engineers can determine optimal weight and strength conditions with a variety of options before a single part is formed. Today’s manufacturer no longer has the luxury of time and expense involved with traditional trial and error test runs. The technology of FEA helps engineers get it right the first time.

Finite Element Analysis

Identifying these optimal part conditions help producers develop products with a shorter time to market factor. Other ancillary parts can be simultaneously developed without the wait time involved with manual QA tests traditionally performed after the hydroformed part has been made. Bringing the product to market sooner with greater confidence can provide greater market advantage over competitors and FEA testing is integral to this advantage.

Contact us to learn more about our in-house Finite Element Analysis process. It helps manufacturers develop products quicker, maintain better structural integrity throughout the engineering process and take the product to market with greater confidence. When customers demand sound products with high quality standards make sure your hydroforming provider employs strictly accurate FEA techniques.

Founded in 2003, American Hydroformers specializes in the tube hydroforming manufacturing process. Our capabilities include numerous metal forming techniques such as hydroforming, hydraulic press work, metal stamping, and tube forming. In addition to hydroformed components, American Hydroformers offers complete assembly level fabrication of automotive structures, robotic welding, and both industrial laser and plasma cutting.

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