Deep Draw Hydroforming Benefits Your Daily Life

As deep draw hydroforming continues to become a reliable and viable source of production, people who rely on hydroformed parts can only benefit from its persistent innovation.

Information about new and high-tech hydroforming presses in use around the country is part of the daily news cycle.

In fact, one simple search for the term “Hydroforming” yields thousands of Google News results. Not long ago, that same search term might have only returned a handful search related terms.

If you haven’t heard about deep draw hydroforming, continue reading for more information on this wondrous manufacturing process and how hydroforming benefits you.

As we have outlined before, deep draw hydroforming is a process of sheet metal hydroforming, but it is quite different in its execution.

Sheet metal is stretched and bent into a desired shape. This is done when a tool pushes down onto sheet metal, forcing it into a die cavity in a pre-set shape. The tensile force causes the metal to form into a cup shape.


Most of the metals used in the deep draw process are flexible, like copper, aluminum, and other soft metals. But as we continue to innovate and adapt, it is possible that the deep draw process will expand to other metal types.

What’s more, the deep draw process benefits you in every aspect of your daily life. Not only is it a viable process for fabricating many household items, it is also widely used in the automotive industry. Without a doubt, you use a deep draw hydroformed product on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in learning more about hydroforming or hydroforming benefits, please contact us today.

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