Are You Using Hydroformed Products

Are you using hydroformed products? Many of the items used by people every day are created through a process called deep draw hydroforming. Next time you are at these places or with individuals who use these items, look closely at them and see if you can see why hydroforming was the best way to create them.

If you go into a hospital you will see items such as medical sterilization trays, and parts of blood analyzer equipment that are created through deep draw hydroforming. Sterilization trays work best when they are solid pieces of metal. Metal since they can be disinfected easily. When created from one sheet of metal, there are no seams or areas where bacteria can grow and infect equipment. Plus, without seams, the sterilization liquid will not leak out. Blood analyzer equipment needs to withstand frequent use and not crack or bend. So, when created with hydroforming, these parts are strong and keep the machinery running at peak efficiency

Hydroformed Products

Some military cases that need to withstand temperature changes, rough handling, battlefield conditions, and even be able to function as a chair or step stool are created through deep draw hydroforming. Using one sheet of metal to form the case makes it strong since it does not have welds that can break. There is usually some spot welding involved, but that is to reinforce areas, not assemble the case.

Hydroformed Products

If you listen to a band, you might also be listening to a snare drum that is created through deep draw hydroforming. When one sheet of metal is used, it can improve the sound since it is smooth and there are no welds or rivets to change the sound. So, next time you are near a music store, take a few minutes and check out the snare drums.

Deep draw hydroforming is used to create many items we use every day and many specialty items for the medical and military fields. If you would like to know moreĀ contact us and we will gladly tell you more.

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