Video Marketing Trends and Your Target Audience

Target Audience

In today’s industry, especially when it comes to social media, video marketing trends have grown exponentially, and show no signs of slowing down. Between the millions of people watching videos on Facebook and Twitter, and the businesses who advertise via social media, there’s plenty of room for it to expand even further. However, while these trends are popular among businesses, how are they used, and more importantly, what errors should you learn to avoid when using said trends for your business? While there are plenty of mistakes a newcomer may make, the lack of a target audience is all too common.

Though the content of a video is important when marketing via social media; making sure to have a target audience is just as essential. Not only will it help you establish what group you’re aiming to address, but more importantly, it will give you clearer goals, and a stronger sense of direction. As an example, let’s say you were aiming to sell a product toward a group of women. Since there’s now that specific group in mind, you can create your videos in a way in which you know it will appeal to that audience. Of course, though, that’s not to say all women are the same, but at least you know who you’re trying to communicate to. If you still remain unfamiliar with your audience, studying them through questions and surveys is a great way to get to know them better.

Whether you’re sharing on Twitter or connecting through Facebook, never forget the importance of keeping a specific group of people in mind. For more information regarding video marketing trends, and how we can be of assistance, contact us today. Additionally, if you need any assistance in producing your next video, check out our production, photography, and aerial video services!

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