Social Media and Marketing: Three Keys to Success

social media

Whether you are a veteran small business owner or just learning the ropes, marketing is vital. This is especially true in the beginning stages of your business; nobody knows about your services, and they have no incentive to use them! Thus, marketing is a necessity. Fortunately, we live in an era where there are multiple tools at our fingertips to complement and boost our marketing power. Below are just three of the reasons why social media is critical for marketing.

  • Making connections

Social media serves as a catalyst to making connections in the business world. Where you may have made a few dozen connections organically by word of mouth, you will do the same in half the time with social media. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three, connections spread like wildfire. You will connect with others simply by virtue of common peers and friends. Before long, this will start a chain reaction, and the momentum gained can lead to new allies and key partners.

social media

  •  Accelerate your exposure

Exposure is a pivotal marketing necessity. How will anyone want your business if they don’t know about you? Social media is a fantastic resource to gain exposure and quickly gain traction. However, be sure to create a unique spin that sets your business or idea apart from others. Bland or effortless posts will simply bury you beneath hordes of competitors, as recently discussed in Forbes.

  •  Give them a preview

People will be more receptive to your business if they can see something first. Social media affords you the opportunity to post lively, helpful information about your service.  Post relevant and attractive information on your profile page, if possible, so people can see what’s important without wasting too much time. People will get a taste of what you have to offer before taking the plunge. Furthermore, once a viewer becomes a follower, they can be directed to your blog or website.

There are hundreds of detailed marketing strategies that any business can utilize. Many are tried and true, but many others are also outdated and obsolete. In today’s information age, social media is a free, relevant, and exceedingly popular option for marketing. You would be wise to take advantage of it. For more information, please contact us today.

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