Remember the Way Things Were by Transferring Home Videos to DVD

Home Videos

When you make a home video, the idea is to capture a moment that was meaningful to you so that you will remember it in the years to come. The human memory is not very reliable, and we often misremember things, even important things. But videos can help us to remember the way that things really were.

How Do Home Videos Help You to Remember?

What did your home look like back then? What kinds of clothes were you wearing in that era? And what did you and your family do for fun? How did your family members interact with each other? Home videos can help keep all these things fresh in your mind.

The World Is Moving Towards Digitization

Home Videos

Unfortunately, with the advent of technology, more and more old modes of creating home videos, such as VHS tapes and 8 mm film reels, are becoming obsolete. The world is moving towards a digital video format, which means that all videos that were recorded on other, obsolete formats have to be converted into this format or else they will be lost to you forever.

Digital Formats Have a Longer Life

It’s best to transfer your home videos to DVD as soon as possible or else they will deteriorate. This is one of the reasons why the old formats have become obsolete—because they don’t last as long as newer formats. The life of VHS film is 10-30 years, depending on the conditions in which it is stored while the life of a DVD is at least 25-50 years (some claim that a DVD can last as long as 100 years).

Your Entire Family Will Enjoy Digitized Home Videos

So when you transfer your videos from VHS to DVD, you’re not just making sure that you’ll be able to watch them. You’re also ensuring that they’ll be there for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. Digitization can help your entire family, no matter where they live, enjoy your home videos whenever they want.

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