Professionalize Your About Us Web Page with Video Editing

For some businesses, the About Us web page on their website is an afterthought. They fill it with the names of the top people in their organization along with a mission statement. Others do a better job and include their accomplishments as well as their business story. But even this isn’t enough because visitors to your website primarily want to know what you do and whether your products and services address their needs. Therefore, it’s important that you place yourself in your customer’s shoes while putting together this critical page.

The About Us page must also convince the customer they should stick with you rather than patronize your competitors. Beyond stating the facts that back up your reasons, you want to make an emotional connection with your visitors that makes them like and trust you. If you accomplish this, then you will have likely won their patronage. All of these requirements are a tall order for text alone, which is why you should use a video for making your case.


Video allows your web visitors to see and hear you as a real person, and it presents a unique opportunity for you to show your personality. You could give them a tour of your facilities and let them see your dedicated employees at work. While this isn’t required, it will certainly give you an edge over the competition.

After planning and skillfully shooting the various parts of your video, its editing demands the same level of care and professionalism. The editing process brings the parts together into a coherent whole that tells a story. It determines how well the video flows. Do the different cuts blend together well? Or does the video seem disjointed and jumpy? Does the audio synchronize well with the visual imagery? If parts of the video have a musical accompaniment, its rhythm should mesh with the flow of the imagery.


A mistake in any of these aspects of video editing sufficiently distracts the viewer so that the video’s desired effect is weakened or destroyed.

Rather than spending valuable time becoming a video editing expert yourself when you should focus on your business, why not outsource the task to professionals already skilled in this art? To learn more about how our services can help, contact us today.

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