Preserve Family Memories with 8mm Film Transfers

8mm Film Transfers

8mm film is a home movie format that utilizes 8mm wide film strips. There are two types of 8mm film strips regular 8mm and super 8mm films. Although both strips are 8mm wide, the super 8mm film has a larger image area and smaller perforations on the side.

Eastman Kodak developed the standard 8mm film in 1932 during the Great Depression. It was a less expensive alternative to the 16mm film for making family movies.

The frames on the 8mm film are half the height and width of those on the 16mm film. So, there are four times more frames per square on the 8mm film than on the 16mm film.

Family Memories on 8mm Films

Today, many associate 8mm films with precious family memories that are worth reviewing often. Old family films may include your child’s first steps, words, or bike rides. Unfortunately, many do not have access to 8mm film projectors, so the films continue to catch dust and deteriorate in storage.

8mm Film Transfers

The best way to preserve old family films is to transfer them to a DVD or USB drive. From here, you can edit, share, and back up your videos. You can also get a color correction to put more life into your films and get to see them as you have never before.

8mm Film Transfers

Advantages of 8mm Film Transfers

  1. Digitizing old family films prevents them from further deterioration and loss of data.
  2. Escape the hassle of finding the right playback equipment. 8mm film projectors are rare to find, and you may end up paying heavily for one.
  3. Some family memories are worth revisiting and sharing with the extended family. Digital formats are easily accessible and sharable via social media.
  4. You can play digitized videos anywhere at any time on a portable device.
  5. Digital formats hardly take any physical storage space; you can store them on the internet or your computer.

Here at Advanced Media, we can convert all of your regular and super 8mm films, as well as 16mm films. We offer both DVD and digital options for all of our transfer services.   Contact us to learn more about how you can have your films transferred.

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