Photography for Social Media: From Simple to Mysterious


Creating posts on social media with eye-catching photos means taking the time to consider what makes visuals great. When creating posts, consider using photos that highlight the tone and topic. Whether you choose quirky photos or obvious photos to illuminate your social media posts, it helps to consider these aspects of photography:

  1. Color and Light

Are the colors of the photos you choose clear and bright, or consistent with a specific brand image? If your photos are murky with low-quality color elements, you may want to reconsider using them on social media. If your digital photos are interesting and easy to see, the better they’ll probably perform online.

  1. Subject Matter

Think wisely about how you pair photos with social media posts. While the photos don’t have to concretely illustrate your posts, they should be fairly easy to understand. If you have a random photo that doesn’t correlate very well with the post, it will likely seem disjointed. You could even create social media topic themes with photos that are similar in subject matter and overall tone.

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  1. Suspense

Sometimes it’s fun to post part of a photo or a mysterious photo to keep an audience in suspense. You can take some quick digital photos and easily upload them to social media with a post asking “Guess where we are today?” or “Can you identify what’s in this photo?”. Posting some old archived photos from a photo collection could also be interesting to online viewers. The more fun or intriguing the social media presence, the more an audience will likely want to respond.

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