How to Prepare for 8mm Film Transfers

8mm film transfers

How to prepare for 8mm film transfers. Digitizing old 8mm films makes old movies viewable on modern devices and preserves important family history. 8mm films may deteriorate in storage, but digital formats will remain stable as long as they play on current technology. You can also improve quality, edit, store, and share digital versions of family movies online.

While you can choose from different methods of digitizing 8mm films, the transfer preparation process is pretty much the same.

1.  8mm Film Inspection

It takes a keen eye to inspect 8mm films for damage before film transfer. While you can remedy some damage, others are irreparable. Film inspection also helps identify other issues before starting the 8mm film transfer process.

Although scratches are relatively common in old films, they are not the worst damage you can find in one. Storing films in humid conditions encourages mold or mildew buildup. Mold usually starts from the edges of the film and grows inwards. If left untreated, it can cause accelerated film deterioration.

2.  Film Cleaning

Film cleaning and conditioning are critical to achieving the best quality transfer. Film cleaning may take time and requires great care. Clean the film with a non-abrasive clean cloth holding it from the side to avoid damaging the picture.

There are special chemicals to clean mold from the emulsion. But these need an expert as they can erase the image as well.

8mm film transfers

3.  Measure Shrinkage

The amount of shrinkage determines if the film is transferable. If the film is too shrunk, it may suffer more damage during the transfer. A 0.8% to 1% shrinkage bears a possibility of failure. A 2% shrinkage renders a film transfer unattainable.

5 Tips to Preserve 8mm Family Films

  1. Do not lose or destroy the original.
  2. Do not project the original before confirming it is in good condition.
  3. Handle films with clean hands.
  4. Store films in a cool, dry place.
  5. Record every film’s oral history

AMI 8mm Film Transfers

Advanced Media Integration uses the highest quality transfer process to transfer 8mm films to digital formats. We guarantee excellent image clarity and natural color, and skin tone. We offer free film cleaning and color correction. Contact us for quality 8mm film transfers.

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