Fort Wayne Aerial Video Services


Advanced Media Integration offers full service aerial photography and cinematography services. Our fleet of UAVs, or drones, have the ability to capture high quality 14 mega pixel HD photos as well as 4k resolution HD video. We specialize in difficult to obtain shots and angles that cannot be achieved with typical full size aircraft or standard equipment. Utilizing an advanced GPS guided navigation system; Advanced Media Integration has the capability to acquire unique perspectives such as aerial panoramas and full 360° footage.


Photo & Video Capabilities

  • 4K HD Video Resolution
  • 120 Frames Per Second Slow Motion
  • 14 Mega Pixel HD Photos and Imaging
  • 800m Flight Distance
  • First Person Flight Video
  • H3-3D Steady Gimbal
  • Editing and Video Creation

Our aerial photography and cinematography services are able to capture extreme angles and heights typically not available with standard video production. We can provide first person flight view within an 800m flight distance as well as 120 frames per second slow motion. Additionally, we can incorporate standard video production with aerial footage for a complete production.


Photo & Video Services

  • Luxury Real Estate Video & Photography
  • Local Festivals & Company Events
  • Large Format Architectural Photography
  • Agricultural Surveys & Crop Assessments
  • Industrial & Construction Inspections & Time-lapse
  • Corporate Promotional Videos
  • Sporting Events
  • 2D & 3D Mapping

Perfect for luxury real estate videos, large events or festivals, and agricultural surveys; contact Advanced Media Integration for your next video production project.

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