Aerial Photography Drones Seeing Increased Use by Insurance Companies


Aerial photography drones seeing increased use by insurance companies. Insurance exists so that when things go wrong, those who have a policy aren’t left out in the cold. However, human insurance adjusters don’t always want to take the risk of performing an investigation in a dangerous locale. If a house burned down, or there was property damage in a remote, hard-to-reach place, that can pose a serious risk for those whose job is to assess the damage and to figure out appropriate compensation for the policyholders.

Fortunately, today’s insurance adjusters and investigators have a new tool on their side; aerial photography with a drone.

Drones in Insurance Investigation

Back in 2015, Popular Mechanics covered the potential of drones in the insurance field. They’d been cleared for use by the government at that time, and early implementation was going well. In the time since that initial trial, though, drones have become smaller, nimbler, and less expensive, which has made them more widely available for commercial use. This makes them ideal tools for insurance companies who need to have eyes on a scene, but who don’t want to put any of their own assets at risk in order to make its assessments.


Even better, a drone has the ability to record everything they see, and they can often reach places that adjusters with legs would never have been able to. This ability to capture more information, and to get a complete recording of a scene, is another reason drones are seeing increased use in the insurance field.

A Powerful Tool

Drones provide options that were unthinkable even a few short decades ago. While they aren’t the ideal choice for every scenario, they are becoming more and more ubiquitous because of the benefits they do offer. That trend is only going to continue as drones advance, and become capable of performing more tasks than we could even imagine.

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