Advanced Media Integration Expands Fort Wayne Aerial Video and Photography Services


At Advanced Media Integration, we understand it is important to both ourselves and our clients to stay as up to date as possible on technological advancements in the video production industry. In an effort to better serve our clients in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the surrounding area, we recently upgraded our fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones. The newer drones offer vast improvements and developments from models purchased even a year ago. With better video quality and stabilization, these new drones will allow us to capture footage and pictures from inside buildings, while also improving the functionality of footage captured outside.

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Updated Camera Operation, Resolution, and Performance 

With an advanced, 3-axis integrated gimbal, unwanted vibrations and movements are removed. This enables the camera to capture smoother, more fluid footage even during complex maneuvers. The camera has the ability to capture cleaner video footage up to 4K at 30fps. Slow motion is also available in full HD 1080p at 120fps. These functions dramatically increase picture sharpness and clarity.

Obstacle Avoidance adds an obstacle avoidance system

Featuring front obstacle sensors and advanced computer vision, drones are now able to react to and avoid obstacles in their path. Additionally, the standard vision positioning system has been refined, increasing its effective altitude by over 300% from previous models.  This not only allows for greater control of the drone, but also permits flying indoors.


A feature called ACTIVETRACK allows our drone to recognize subjects or items and follow them naturally. This will keep people or objects in the frame without the need for a GPS bracelet, tracker or beacon.

Photo & Video Capabilities

  • 4K HD Video Resolution
  • 120 Frames Per Second Slow Motion
  • 14 Mega Pixel HD Photos and Imaging
  • 800m Flight Distance
  • First Person Flight Video
  • 3-axis Integrated Gimbal

Advanced Media Integration offers full service aerial photography and cinematography services. We specialize in difficult to obtain shots and angles that cannot be achieved with typical full size aircraft or standard equipment. Utilizing an advanced GPS guided navigation system Advanced Media Integration has the capability to capture extreme angles and heights typically not available with standard video production. We can provide first person flight view within an 800m flight distance as well as 120 frames per second slow motion. Additionally, we can incorporate standard video production with aerial footage for a complete production.

Photo & Video Services

  • Luxury Real Estate Video & Photography
  • Local Festivals & Company Events
  • Large Format Architectural Photography
  • Agricultural Surveys & Crop Assessments
  • Industrial/Construction Inspections & Time-lapse
  • Corporate Promotional Videos
  • Sporting Events
  • 2D & 3D Mapping

About Advanced Media Integration

Since 1976, Advanced Media Integration has established itself as an expert in multimedia production, duplication, and replication. With specializations in Short-Run CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Duplication, as well as Replication services, Advanced Media Integration has an answer for all of your multimedia requirements. Additionally, Advanced Media Integration provides Video Production services including Production, Editing, Script/Technical Writing, and DVD Authoring. Additional services include Aerial Video and Photography, Product Photography, Graphic Design, Audio and Video Restoration, and Video, Film, and Photo Conversions/Transfers. For more information regarding our services, contact one of our sales representatives.

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