3 Ways to Bolster Your Business Through the Use of Videos


Having your own business is a challenge but a rewarding accomplishment, as well. With the business world being competitive and new start-ups coming along all the time, owners and marketing directors are continually looking for new ways to keep their company at the forefront. The advent of the internet and the vast usage of social media makes it all the easier for companies to get their message out to the consumer. However, it is essential to deliver the right message in the right format. Video messages top the list of what snatches the client’s attention. Essential to effective video production is powerful script-writing for videos. Here are 3 ways to bolster your business’s exposure through the use of videos.


Create video testimonial(s)

Credible video testimonial is one of the most effective ways to sell your product, service, or brand. People trust and believe their peers. Multiple studies have shown that testimonials and word of mouth advertising are two successful aids for increasing business. Video editing gives the production a smooth polished look.


Develop a series of “Business” videos for your web page

Brief YouTube videos relating to your business are a unique way to show your clients (and prospective clients) what you do. If, for example, your line of work is HVAC you could have a series of videos in the summer pertaining to the A/C, explaining how it functions, common problems, the need for annual tune-ups, and so on. You want the videos to be professional, yet have an informal, friendly tone. Quality script writing and production sets it apart as professional.


Produce a video advertisement

This is less expensive than you may think. Smart phones, digital cameras, and computer editing software make producing a decent-looking advertisement possible. Coming up with the idea, setting the stage, getting people to “act” in the video, and developing excellent script writing are the main elements that will need your attention. The final production may need minor video editing, but if you have the script written out well in advance, then it should go smoothly.


Advance Media Integration is your complete video solution center, from video editing to script writing. If you would like to discuss this topic further, please contact us today!

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