3 Nuggets to Bring To Your Marketing Consultation


As we’ve detailed in this space in the past, a marketing consultation might be all you need to determine just what you’re doing right, and where you could improve in promoting your business. To ensure its success, here are 3 nuggets of information you should bring to the consultation that can significantly improve results.

1) Your Core Value Proposition

All of your marketing should center on the core benefit you can provide to your audience. Do you know what that is? If you have at least some idea, bring it to the consultation. If you don’t, be honest about that – the experts with whom you meet may be able to help you narrow it down.

2) A Summary of Current Marketing Efforts

What are you currently doing to promote your business and brand? Not all of it may be bad. Summarize your current efforts, and talk to your consultants about what you think works and why. Then, use it as a baseline to come up with a new, optimized strategy.

3) An Idea of Your Target Audience

A thorough audience analysis may be beyond your capabilities, but most businesses have at least some idea of who their target audience is. Whether you base your knowledge on who currently buys your product or who would hypothetically be a great customer, bring your ideas to the consultation to begin evaluating how you can reach this audience.


Ultimately, a marketing consultation is designed to help you better understand what you could be doing to optimize your promotional efforts. Bringing the above nuggets of information allows you to make the process as strategic as possible and maximize your chances of success.

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