What Is Tube Hydroforming?

One of the most popular and most unconventional metal forming processes is tube hydroforming. Tube hydroforming is generally used to create various tubular components. When this process is used, tubes are shaped into different forms using internal pressure to force the blank tube to fit into the shape of the given die cavity. 

Tube hydroforming received its name for the metal tubes that are used as the essence of the newly created product. Tubular hydroforming is typically used in the automotive industry. With the tube hydroforming method, the fluid that receives pressure is applied inside the tube, and this pressure pushes the metal into the die that is around it.

Tube hydroforming consists of a variety of things, including the following:


When hydroforming is used, the presses are used to open the die and close the die in order to create enough clamping pressure during the formation period. The tonnage of the press or any other clamping device will greatly depend on how much force is required to close it.

Pressure System

In tube hydroforming, the pressure system is used to create the right amount of pressure levels when parts and shapes need to be created.

tube hydroforming

Tube Hydroforming Tools

The tooling in hydroforming includes a die, die inserts, and the die holders. Hydroforming will require you to use a specific selection of tools. The tools need to have high strength, a good guiding system, and the tools must have a balanced design to reduce the closing force essentials.

Hydroforming can create a variety of tubing and pipes of different shapes, sizes, length, etc. You will be able to easily accomplish the amount of accuracy and strength in your automotive parts when you use hydroforming. If you would like more information about hydroforming, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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