Metal Stamping or Hydroforming: That Is The Question

Since 2003, American Hydroformers has set high standards in the hydroforming industry and has continued to work hard to stay at the top of the manufacturing industry. American Hydroformers continue to invest in the equipment and technologies that we know our customers will appreciate. One of our goals is to provide high-quality products at a price our customers they can afford, and this is one of the reasons why we offer more than one way of forming materials.

Two of the forming methods that we offer at American Hydroformers are hydroforming and metal stamping. When you are ready to decide what forming method will be right for your needs, we want you to consider the following information:

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is one of the more traditional methods of forming that can be used to produce small orders and large orders. The metal stamping process makes it possible to work faster and have higher rates of production. If you need to create a high-volume rate of production and a short-run production. If you need to produce a non-complex shape and you will not be bothered by marks on the surface, you may find that metal stamping will be a good option for you.



If you have complex parts or shapes that are asymmetrical, hydroforming can be the perfect option for your products. This method will give you the dependability and flexibility you need when you are completing a project. The method is a great choice for products that are designed with intricate parts or parts that may be longer than other products. Using the hydroforming method can also reduce the cost of tools that are needed. Since the hydroforming process will use liquid pressure to create the parts, the final product will not have as many surface marks. If you need products that will have a clean and smooth finish, hydroforming may be the best option for you.

For more information on metal stamping and hydroforming, please do not hesitate to contact us at American Hydroformers.

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