Metal Stamping: A Versatile Method for Modern Manufacturing

Many business owners associate metal stamping with automotive manufacturing but this method is becoming a popular choice in other industries. Metal stamping, which uses dies and punches to form and cut cold metal, has evolved over the years as technology advanced. Not only is stamping a good way to turn out expensive and lightweight parts for the transportation industry, but it continues to be the best option for many other types of metal products, including tools and household goods.

The History of Metal Stamping

Before stamping came into popular use, skilled machinists turned out metal parts at a comparatively slow rate. This drove up the cost of the finished product, but it was the only method available at the time. Manufacturers began using this method in the 1800s. As mass production became the best way to produce goods, businesses began to need faster ways to produce reliable components. Stamping allowed businesses to efficiently produce a quality part.

Current Uses

Stamping was first pioneered in the construction of bicycle frames and then was used for automotive manufacturing. Now, stamping is considered the most efficient way to produce parts such as lock parts and power tools. It is essential to the plumbing and HVAC industry for the manufacture of high quality and affordable components.

metal stamping

Innovations in Stamping Technology

Recent trends show that the use of metal stamping is on the rise and it is partly due to new innovations in this technique. New technology ensures that larger areas of metal can be bent accurately and without distortion. Manufacturers that had not previously considered stamping are now attracted to microstamping. This method creates small, fine parts and can sometimes be used as an alternative to chemical etching.

Metal stamping can be used for both small and large orders, but it is best for high volume production jobs or for jobs that need to be completed quickly. It is most efficient for simple shapes. For more information about metal stamping, machining, laser cutting, hydroforming, and other parts manufacturing methods, please contact us.

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