Finite Element Analysis: One Concept Fledgling Firms Shouldn’t Overlook

If you are relatively new to the manufacturing or construction field, the term finite element analysis may seem both unfamiliar and intimidating. However, we assure you that it’s one concept well worth looking into on a number of levels. For one, it has the potential to save lives, decrease accidents and prevent public relations nightmares. Allow us to explain using metal stage supports as examples.

Metal stage supports must undeniably be capable of holding great weight on a daily basis. Under normal circumstances, maximum weight capacities are relatively easy for stage designers and construction companies to figure out. But what happens if the stage is placed in an area where it may experience other stressors. For instance, maybe the venue is near an earthquake zone or built on soft, erosion prone soil. In those cases, determining how the stage support systems may react to all of potential, external forces has traditionally been challenging.


Enter the concept of finite element analysis. It’s a real world example of math and science at its best. High pressure, tube hydroforming companies on the cutting edge of innovation use it to calculate the effects of all potential variables on stage support systems’ metal parts. Consequently, designers and others associated with staging systems can rest easy knowing their platforms won’t collapse at any given moment, even during some ground-shaking events. And in turn, performers and people attending events can feel safe too.

Understandably, finite element analysis isn’t just useful to stage designers and builders. It is ideal for use in any industry where tonnage needs are at or above 4,000. It may also used with a number of materials, including highly malleable ones like brass, aluminum and copper. Thus, FEA may help tech based, plumbing industry members as well. To find out if finite element analysis can benefit your business today, please contact our American Hydroformers’ team members now.

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