Casting Vs. Metal Stamping: Should Metal Stamping Be Your Choice?

Casting vs. metal stamping: should metal stamping be your choice? Working with metal is not a new method of manufacturing. Since the middle of the 1800s, a large number of metal forming operations started to grow rapidly. Ultimately, these operations turned into what we know them to be today. With the creation of the metal forming operations, there was bound to be a degree of separation. In this industry, many companies have a specialty in one metal forming operation.

Every metal forming or metal stamping technique has its own place in this industry. While every company may have its own specialty, there have been several methods that have been replaced with metal stamping operations.

One of the processes that has been replaced in favor of metal stamping is casting. Casting is the process of using molten metal. The molten metal is eventually molded into shapes to create metal parts. The main type of casting that is used in this metal forming industry is known as die casting. What is die casting? Die casting is the process that involves molten metal being forced under heavy pressure.

Metal Stamping

Die casting has been shown to work well for producing heavy parts and a large production of parts, but there are some disadvantages to using die casting because of the finished products. Due to the way metal is molded in the die casting process, there can be permeable and damaging voids in the structure. When there is damage to the structure, this can lead to part failure. When the parts begin to fail, this will result in the need for replacements early in the process. Die casting parts will eventually cost more to make when it comes to parts that are metal-stamped.

While casting has been around for many years in the industry, the development of metal stamping has caused a shift in the manufacturing and production industry. Do your manufactured parts need to meet high standards and high demands? Contact us today for more information on metal stamping.

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