American Hydroformers: Hydroforming in the Automotive Industry

Hydroforming is a fabrication method that is regularly used in the transportation and automotive industries. Hydroforming is used so often because it allows even the most complex shapes to be created without the need to weld parts. Many automakers have relied on a traditional stamping method and a traditional welding method to fabricate components.

In the traditional stamping and welding methods, the panels and parts are stamped out of steel sheets and these parts are welded together. These parts and panels that are eventually welded together are used to create automotive body frames, suspension pieces, and other automotive parts. On the other hand, when a hydroforming method is used, the pressure that is used forces the ductile metal to form in the shape of a die. As a result, hydroformed techniques can be more effective, efficient, and cost-effective in various case.

Tube hydroforming is generally used in the automobile industry, and it uses high-pressure and low-pressure methods. This process will take a steel tube and the steel tube will be deformed into its wanted shape. One the part has been formed, the part can be completed with the desired cutting, trimming, painting, etc.


Hydroforming creates a variety of benefits and advantages for manufacturers in the automobile industry. Parts that are created by hydroforming will not be heavy, and this can significantly influence the performance factors. Since hydroformed parts are generally unibody, the hydroformed parts will have a greater strength than parts that will be welded together.

Additional benefits of hydroformed parts in the automobile industry include the following:

  • Better flexibility in the design
  • Reduction in the number of parts that are needed
  • Greater rigidity in the components

At American Hydroformers, we have the tools and experience you need to create the parts you need for your automotive parts. Contact us today for more information on our hydroforming techniques.

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