A World Without Hydroforming

Since the 1990s, hydroforming has been revolutionizing specific aspects of various industries. Advances in hydroforming have affected our lives more than most of us even know. The best way to prove this point is to help you imagine a world without hydroforming.

In a world without hydroforming, automobiles are heavier, weaker, less safe, more expensive, and significantly less fuel efficient.

Tube hydroforming has drawn increased attention in the automotive industry due to its advantages… Hydroformed parts can provide increased strength, stiffness, and improved dimensional accuracy together with reduced tooling costs (Select Papers from IPMM).

Likewise, much advancement in the automotive world is made possible due to hydroformed parts used in prototypes. Without prototypes, of course, engineers would not be able to quickly and cheaply test their theories before investing time and money in final products. By creating metal prototypes via hydroforming, developers have been able to move their ideas forward easily and affordably.


A world without hydroforming is also a world that is less green. Not only does the process save resources and energy, but it also makes possible products such as the eCycle, an eco-friendly electric bicycle designed to ease stress on the environment.

Standing in stark contrast with traditional electric bicycles that ostensibly flaunt unnecessary wires and elements, the eCycle has a dynamic frame design with integrated battery and motor within a lightweight and flexible structure… For maintaining perfect maneuverability and ease of operation, eCycle flaunts a hydroformed, flexible and lightweight aluminum frame (Eco Friend).

Through these and other avenues, hydroforming impacts our daily life, allowing us to live safer, greener, and more affordable lives.

Here at American Hydroformers, we not only form hydroformed components, but we also offer complete assembly level fabrication of automotive structures, industrial laser cutting and stencil work, as well as tube forming. For more information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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