A New Way of Doing: High-Temperature Metal Gas Forming

The birth of hydroforming has brought with it many advantages. When compared to mainstream production techniques, hydroforming has proved itself to be effective, quick, reliable and capable of outperforming products manufactured with standard conventional processes. Nevertheless, the close counterpart of hydroforming, high-temperature metal gas forming, is on the rise and has shown itself to be just as powerful. 

metal gas forming

Despite its lesser known existence, high-temperature metal gas forming has the potential to become a dominant force in the manufacturing industry. Like hydroforming, high-temperature metal gas forming utilizes a four stage process that enables metals to become more ductile while still retaining durability and a high tensile strength. However, this similarity in production technique does not make materials formed under hydroforming exactly the same as materials borne from high-temperature metal gas forming. In fact, products yielded from high-temperature metal gas forming often times are more precise and can even take less time for production. This prominent contrast is something industrialists will have to take into consideration when determining what is most efficient for their manufacturing needs.

Our company is here to provide you with the materials you need. Whether the task calls for components forged through hydroforming or high-temperature metal gas forming, our company is well qualified to suit the job at hand. Innovation has allowed these processes to generate a new way of making materials and with that comes not only efficiency, but prosperity for your business. If you would like to discuss future investments or pose any questions, please do contact us.

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