Google’s Alphabet Teams Up With Chipotle To Test Burrito Delivery Drone


This is not an Onion headline, but an actual news event. “Alphabet’s Project Wing and Chipotle have teamed up for a pilot program that flies these stuffed tortillas to the students at Virginia Tech.”

Chipotle joins a growing list of companies recognizing the potential for drone food delivery. “Domino’s and 7-11 have also conducted food delivery tests in New Zealand and Reno, Nevada, in partnership with the drone tech startup Flirtey.”

The burrito carrying drones take off from a food truck, and will slowly hover and lower food down with a cable to the students, and presumably staff as well, in a designated area below.

According to Popular Science, “the drones are capable of both flying and hovering on pre-planned routes, avoiding hazards as they go”


The initiative, called Project Wing will be a large-scale experiment to test out the navigation system and other technology involved. “Due to the FAA guidelines, human pilots will be on hand to seize control” to provide additional support during the tests, and a number of other angles of the service will be tested and monitored.

These tests will help not only pave the way for further drone delivery usage, but also help the government shape scientifically backed and well-informed laws and regulations on the use of drones in other capacities.

These tests should help cement the fact that drones are “cheaper, faster, less wasteful and more environmentally sensitive than what’s possible today” among currently used forms of vehicle required services.

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