Common Mistakes (and their fixes) when script writing for videos


Many times spectacular language and a thorough grasp of the subject are not enough to make an award-winning, viral video. Many problems arise because scripts are a different medium we are not all familiar with. It’s not like writing a novel, a blog post, or a news piece. A script is not even the final form, it’s just an outline, a template for something else.

Here are 2 common mistakes we see in videos all the time (that result from their scripts or lack thereof) and how you can fix them.

Stay on Topic

With the immense amount of information you want to spread to the world, it’s easy to overstep the intended purpose of the video and end up lost on a long tangent. It could be nothing more than a side-note you wanted to mention during a video. It could be something as large as another, interceding topic smack in the middle of your precious video!

This error usually arises from a lack of a script. When we are talking off the cuff we have a tendency to follow wherever our thoughts take us. The other cause happens in the editing room. During production, we may have been futzing with the camera or the audio equipment. If we don’t cut that out in post-production then viewers will quickly become bored and click away.


Short and Sweet

The new way to win the race is to have the shortest racetrack. People have limited time nowadays and they want a single answer to their single question. Be sure you spend the minimum amount of time explaining what your viewers should do, and not a second longer. Once audiences know where you’re going, they’re apt to skip ahead or skip your video entirely. They run the chances of missing an important detail at the end or missing your call to action!

Keep these things at the forefront of your mind when you craft your next video script. Try to keep a single, simple topic around 2-5 minutes long. Too short and you can’t get into enough depth. Too long and it’s boring and you should probably cut some fat out. If you need help designing your next script, please contact us, we can help!

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