Are These Tasks on Your Video’s Post-Production To-Do List?


Are These Tasks on Your Video’s Post-Production To-Do List? Once your raw footage has been filmed, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. Many of them involve direct video editing, and you might already have a workflow for getting in all of the effects, filters, and additional animation sequences you need. But when you’re producing DVDs and digital files, there are a few more tasks that can slip through the cracks. Make sure you have a plan to:


Create your product’s menu.

The menu is one of the first things your viewers see once they stick in your disc. If the menu looks too basic or has bugs that make it hard to navigate, it can get your product off to a bad start. Professional menus are getting more and more complex. They need:

  • easy navigation, both on the homepage and any submenus. The menu needs to be more than well-organized. You also need good animations to make selections clear and to smoothly transition between pages.
  • eye-catching sequences in the background. You don’t want your menu page to look static or boring.
  • audio enhancement. Good music and audio sneak peeks make a menu interesting, even after a few cycles.


Finalize the DVD authoring.

Without DVD authoring, your DVD is just a disk. It needs to have certain specifications set by the DVD Forum so it can be played on a wide variety of machines. But investing in DVD-authoring tools yourself can be expensive. That’s why many producers of every size outsource their DVD authoring to a third party. Outsourcing also means you can get all the benefits of a professional authoring workflow so no crucial steps are left out and everyone can access your video.

Post-production work isn’t just about making the footage as enjoyable as possible. It’s also about creating the infrastructure and tools around the video. Go to Advanced Media Integration to see how many post-production tasks you can cross of your own to-do list.

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