4 Tips for Shooting Powerful Client Testimonials


Testimonials are a powerful way to improve customer trust and increase conversions. Video testimonials are especially powerful. Here are some tips for shooting video testimonials that convince. 

Be Human

Of course, you want a real human to star in the video, not an animated character. However, being real is more than just having a person talk. You want that person to be a real client who matches the demographics of the bulk of your target audience, someone who your audience can relate to. You want someone with real problems who can speak from the heart about how your services helped them.

Prepare In Advance

You have to prepare a plan for your video. You do not want your client to appear too scripted, but at the same time, you need to prepare a script for the outline of the video. If you are preparing questions, send them to the client in advance so they can think of what to say.


Tell a Story

The client should tell a story. Let them speak about their problems and how your product helped them resolve them. Focus on pain and pleasure, two powerful selling points that are made even more powerful when spoken about from the heart of an ordinary person.

Edit Your Video

After shooting the testimonial itself, make sure to get it professionally edited. Add professional touches, such as fade effects and captions. Edit out parts of the testimonial that are not that important and which take away crucial time from other points.

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