3 Ways Aerial Videos and Photography Can Help Business


While drones are used for a variety of tasks, one in which they are quite effective is that of taking videos and photos from a high altitude. Aerial videos and photos provide useful for several industries. Here are just 3 ways aerial video and photography are used for business.

Construction Industry

When a construction manager works on a large site or even multiple sites, it can be difficult to keep track of the big picture while on the ground. Drones can be used to take aerial video or photos so that the construction site manager can view the entire project at a glance. Another thing he can do is check out a potential site before breaking ground to see the geography of the land. Going on foot to see the entirety of the property may be impossible in some places where water, hills, ravines, or large boulders make it difficult to walk. A drone can deliver a clear picture of what the land looks like before the job begins.


Real Estate

Those in the real estate business may benefit from the use of aerial photography. If they are working with luxury estates that are set on multiple acres of land and the property is beautifully manicured, then taking individual pictures won’t really show the magnificent beauty of the home. If the property includes a multi-family housing complex with the lush land, then showing that off will boost attraction.


Just about any industry can use aerial video or photography for an eye-catching ad. There is something magnificent about seeing everything from afar and looking down on it. Whether it be college campuses or new car lots, this type of photography is the perfect media for an advertisement.

At Advanced Media Integration, we specialize in aerial videos using drones. To find out more information about how your business can use aerial photography, contact us today!

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