Monthly archive for July 2019

Satellite Antennas Made Possible Through Hydroforming

If you drive through a subdivision, you will see a satellite antenna on almost every house. Businesses might have the same antennas, or sometimes even larger ones. These are made possible through sheet hydroforming. At one time spinning was used to create these antennas. But sheet hydroforming

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Is Your Furniture Hydroformed?

Look around your office or house or walk through a furniture store. Spend some time in the contemporary section and you will see how hydroforming is used to create furniture. Stools: Look at the bar stool section of the furniture store. The bottom part is usually a

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American Hydroformers, Inc. Gains ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certification.

American Hydroformers, Inc. recently gained ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification. By completing the necessary requirements needed to become certified, American Hydroformers reinforces its commitment to reducing its environmental impact.       Fort Wayne, IN-American Hydroformers, Inc. ( announces that the company has completed the stringent requirements needed to acquire

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