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American Hydroformers: What Is Tube Hydroforming?

For many years, American Hydroformers has worked extremely hard to become a mainstay at the front of manufacturing. American Hydroformers makes it a purpose to invest a significant amount in materials and technologies we know will offer our customers the most advantages and benefits. Since we offer

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4 Tips for Shooting Powerful Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful way to improve customer trust and increase conversions. Video testimonials are especially powerful. Here are some tips for shooting video testimonials that convince.  Be Human Of course, you want a real human to star in the video, not an animated character. However, being

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VHS Tape Transfers to DVD and Timing

VHS tape transfers to DVD are almost symbolic in nature by this point. VHS tapes represent an older form of technology. Converting the content of VHS tapes from an older format to a newer format feels completely appropriate at this point in history. The people who have VHS

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